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"I spent about three weeks researching all the different health insurance funds trying to find what's best for me. It was so confusing and frustrating. I considered not signing for anything. After a friend recommended I spoke to SeniorHealth Pro. I spent 2 hours with them and walked away with the perfect plan for me."

- Heather, 65 Pearland, TX

"Everyone is so nice at SeniorHealthPro. It feels like you have a family member helping you. I recommend them to all my friends." 

- Maria, 51 Katy, Texas

"Both my wife and I lost our jobs and we couldn't figure out how to sign up for ObamaCare. The reps at SeniorHealthPro helped beyond belief. It's great to know people that will help when hard times come."

- Scott, 38 Houston, Texas

"I kept seeing the commercials about what happens when you die, and your family has to deal with all the expenses you leave behind. I wanted to find out about the options I had that were in my budget. Thanks to SeniorHealthPro, I have the right insurance so my family doesn't have to deal with that."

- Jose, 57 McAllen, Texas