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Life Insurance

Many of us need to provide protection for our families in the event of an untimely death. Parents, and anyone who provides support for someone else, should consider life insurance protection.


Difference between Annuities & Life Insurance


Both annuities and life insurance should be considered in your long-term financial plan. While both include death benefits, you buy life insurance in the event you die too soon and an annuity in case you live too long. In other words, life insurance provides economic protection to your loved ones if you die before your financial obligations to them are met, while annuities guard against outliving your assets.

Life Insurance 


Finding the best life insurance for seniors can be difficult because premium costs are based on the person’s age and health. The older you are, the more you pay.


The best companies have few contract provisions and won’t require a medical exam to get a policy. They also have strong coverage, numerous policy riders and a good financial outlook. Certified SeniorHealthPro agents use these factors as a guide to provide our customers the best life insurance options for seniors.


Death benefits usually top out at $250,000 and are generally available for people up to age 65 for a 10-year term policy, up to age 60 for a 15-year term policy, and up to age 55 for a 20-year term policy.


In addition to the benefits, SeniorHealthPro agents will be glad to provide you with additional policy features such as: flexible payment plans, no-lapse guarantees and custom protection like; accidental death, long-term care and final expense coverage.

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